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The Company


Heirlooms began as an architectural setup, providing consultancy services to home owners and developers alike. Our expertise in both structurally and interior proved to be a winning formula. Our many awards and accolades both locally and internationally is a testament to our commitment to creating the best homes for all our clients.

As our company continue to evolve, our expansion towards the lifestyle industry increased. Over the years, Heirlooms has added new businesses such as entertainment, music and also automobile to our organisation.


We strive to offer the best value at the highest quality level for all our client's needs. Our passionate and experienced team at Heirlooms hopes to bring a familiar and honest touch to all our customers. Join the Heirlooms family experience now! Select from our wide arrays of services and be pleasantly surprised!

Our Belief


This meant embracing upgrading of systems, technology and people. Heirlooms have embraced the latest technology and programs in designing, drawings and also administration. Our close working relationship with manufacturers and designers meant our designs specifications goes beyond the trendy fads. Our designing philosophy is always to achieve he perfect balance in aesthetic versus functionality.


All of our employee are also constantly taught trained and equip with different skills relevant to their primary function. E.g. our designers are sent yearly to designing courses and attendance to the latest Milan fair and the likes of such trade shows. Being compact and dynamic meant our organization is constantly able to evolve and improve our services and ability to suit the needs of our customer's future. At Heirlooms, we not only dare to dream, but we strive to conceptualize and create visions and dreams into reality.




Our People


The most important and integral of our company are the people. And our relationship with the environment formed throughout the years. Being a distinctly Christian organization with firm belief and practice, we hope by taking true ownership for all our projects, it is as though we build our customer's home as our own. Thus, fulfilling the simple but important directive of loving our neighbours and we would ourselves.


Our relationship with home and institutional clients is clearly endeared and most precious to us. As our clean record and successful completion of our client's home meant that although we are not perfect, we clearly do more rights than wrongs. The humility to learn and serve has always been a hallmark of the Heirlooms family. Simple stated, we provide genuine good service(s), product(s), design (advise) and quality finished homes, to every customer that comes to us.


At Heirlooms, there is clearly no discrimination on sizes of project, budget and whatsoever. We entreat the same love, respect and attention to client's with different budget and needs. And yes, we have been known to give free advice and designs openly with no strings attached. At Heirlooms we do not just build homes, we like building relationship too. A stellar testimony to who we, and what we do, can be seen from the many myriads of repeat customers and developers alike.

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