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ColombiniCasa Kitchen Series

In anticipation of leaner times ahead, Heirlooms have partnered with our exclusive Italian manufacturing in introducing to you one of the most affordable (Fully imported) Italian designed kitchen system in Singapore.

What you are getting is the very best in technology and quality from an Italian factory that uses the most advance production machinery for cabinetry and finishing. We dare you to compare our quality to the very best that Europe has to offer.This is a fully imported system, that is fully assembled already from Italy. Nothing is fabricated elsewhere. And certainly these cannot be compared to inferior and cheaper ones that is sent knocked-down or flat packed (aka popular Swedish mass market system). Every modular cabinet is carefully and fully assembled, inspected and then properly packed prior to shipping here.Our door fronts are of the highest grade of finishes. We DO NOT and would not compromise quality with using paper-thin or cheaper and thinner wrapped door finishes. Our door technology uses laser precise cutting for almost seamless joints to our high grade finishes.Above all, you are getting your home designed by our renowned team of well-trained CAD/CAM designers using the latest 2D/3D software that offers real time perspective and module selection. Heirlooms is an established market leader in the kitchen industry with many decades of expertise installing the finest homes and residential projects. You can be certain our level of professionalism and quality would be of the highest standards.

With these huge savings, you can still own your dream Italian kitchen and still have plenty left over to spend on other things you want or need.It's our way of saying that we care about our friends and customers during good times and also challenging times. We would like to help in giving back such savings in times like these. At Heirlooms. we believe in building lasting relationships.

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